Fill your fridge or freezer with Mexican homestyle cooking

We have put together a menu of Mi Mero Mole favorites that you can order for your fridge or freezer to be heated at home as needed.  Our inventory is in constant flux and we don’t know if we will be able to continue to stay open or make more food as this health crisis continues.  However, please make your requests.

Going forward, we will only have chicken tinga, chicken verde, chicken mole, pork adobo, beef pasilla, mushrooms verde, butternut squash mole for fillings/guisados. We may still have some others in stock.  You can always come and see what we have in the freezer.

You can come pick-up the above now or request delivery for any combination you choose below.

Order the Oaxacan meal by Thursday June 4th for Pick-Up or Delivery Saturday, June 6th.
If requested with ample time, we may be able to accommodate dietary requests.

El Bajio de Veracruz
El Rancho de Jalisco

beans, rice, cheese and any one of our taco fillings (guisados) individually wrapped and frozen ready for the microwave or oven. Sold in packs of four: $16 for bean, rice, cheese; $28 for vegetarian or vegan; $32 for chicken, pork, or beef; $36 for lamb or shrimp.
Mexican rice, vegetables, and any one of our taco fillings (guisados) in reusable microwaveable container. Sold in groups of four: $24 for vegetarian or vegan; $28 for chicken, pork, or beef; $32 for lamb or shrimp. $1 per re-usable container deposit refundable upon return or pick-up.
fillings rotate, but we typically have pork, chicken, green chile & cheese, or vegan tamales, $28 per dozen
any of our guisados (taco fillings) smothered in either verde sauce or mole sauce with or without cheese. Cheese filling also available, $15 per pan of 10 cheese or vegetarian; $20 per pan of 10 pork, chicken, or beef; $25 per pan lamb or shrimp.
any of our guisados (taco fillings) layered with tortillas, cheese, sauce, and veggies. We will work with you on customizing a pan to your tastes. It's like a big Mexican lasagna. $25 for veggies only, $30 for pork, chicken, or beef, $35 for lamb or shrimp.
Rice ($8), beans ($8), tortillas, guisados, chips ($4), salsas ($6), guacamole ($10), pickled onions ($6) -- all of it is available. Please make specific requests for items and quantities and we will quote you a price.
A minimum gratuity of $20 will apply if outside Portland, east of 205, west of the Japanese Gardens, or south of OHSU.