Fundraising Dinner to Support Oaxaca After Earthquake Damage

On September 9th, an 8.4 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico off the coast of Oaxaca — that’s almost 8 times stronger than the quake that destroyed much of San Francisco in 1906. Over 100 people were killed, many more injured, and the infrastructure of the Mexican state was severely damaged. Two of our crew who have been with us the longest, Azucena and Eufemia, are from Oaxaca.  They were unable to reach their family for days after the quake.  Oaxaca is the heart and soul of culinary Mexico.  No area has more diverse or sophisticated dishes.  Oaxaca’s cuisine alone could rival many cuisines of entire nations.  It’s also the home of most mezcal distilleries.

While we have helped with this country’s natural disasters, both Irma and Harvey most recently, and also the fires here in the Gorge, we feel a kinship with Oaxaca as well and would like to support their efforts to recover.  We hope you will join us in that effort. Our friend Dave Miller, who runs a blog on eating and drinking in Mexico, has organized a GoFundMe campaign to bring water filtration systems to three affected towns.  This special dinner featuring favorite Oaxacan dishes from Eufemia and Azucena will go to help that effort.

Come enjoy a traditional Oaxacan meal made with love by Eufemia and Azucena and help a good cause.  We will also offer a mezcal pairing, featuring all mezcals from Oaxaca. The dinner will be four courses for only $35, including:

  • Azucena’s mole amarillo empanadas with shredded chicken
  • Sopa de guias: squash vine and blossom soup with masa dumplings
  • Eufemia’s estofado: beef ribs in a flavorful mole with heavy influences from Moorish Spain.
  • Sweet tamales with Oaxacan chocolate

The entire meal will be gluten free.  If you have any other dietary restrictions, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs. Email us to RSVP now!

WHAT: Fundraising Dinner for Oaxaca
WHEN: Sunday, October 1, 6:30pm
WHERE: Mi Mero Mole, 32 NW 5th Ave
COST: $35 food only, $20 addition for mezcal pairing
RESERVE: Email us to RSVP now!

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