New Expanded Menu

With a full calendar year under our belt, we’ve finally redone our menu based on 15 months of your feedback.  The first big change came late last year when we redid our counter to keep people from clumping in front of the door which also allowed us to add draft beers. We now have three rotating taps: one Mexican for only $3.75 and two local for only $4.25. We also redid our booze menu, expanding our margarita selection and adding pitchers of margaritas, which gives you 6 for the price of 5.  We added a list of all our tequilas and mezcals on the back of the cocktail menu, too, with tasting notes.

Now we’ve done a complete overhaul on our lunch/dinner menu, making it easier to read and adding smaller requests, such as the ability to smother a burrito in red or green salsa, to larger requests, such as several new permanent menu items:

  • Tamale of the Day: we have been selling tamales by the dozen to go for several months, but now we have them a la carte every day, smothered in red or green salsa; filling changes daily.
  • Memela: classic from Oaxaca — a fat, oval tortilla, like a cross between a sope and huarache, topped with pureed black beans, queso fresco and choice of guisado (daily fillings).
  • Ceviche: shrimp cured in lime and chile mixed with cucumber, tomatoes, and house-made pickled red onions topped with a dollup of guacamole. Chips on the side.
  • Frijoles Charros: cowboy beans — Rancho Gordo heirloom ojo de cabra beans stewed with tomatoes, onions, chiles, chorizo, and bacon, served with pork cracklins, cilantro, onion, and chips.
  • Gabacho Bowl: a tortilla-less burrito — beans, rice, and choice of guisado (daily fillings) topped with guac, sour cream, queso fresco, and pickled onions. Chips on the side.
  • Kids Menu: three plates for the kids under $5: small cheese quesadillas with beans and rice; bean, rice and cheese tacos with a side of beans and rice; choice of guisado (daily fillings) with side of beans and rice.  12 and under only. Favorites such as cheese quesadillas and bean & cheese burritos are still available as well.

Tequila, Mezcal & Sotol Tastings

We have one of the largest and most carefully selected lists of agave spirits in Oregon offered at the lowest markup you’re likely to find anywhere.  There’s no celebrity-endorsed fluff or status-symbol filler on our shelves And we’ve tasted everything we sell and are happy to make a recommendation or flight to get you excited about the only hard alcohol with terroir.  All are 100% agave and sippable.  We are also working to bring in tequilas, sotols, and mezcals not currently available locally that we enjoy in other states or Mexico.

Occasionally we have tastings announced through a separate email list.  If you’d like to be on that email list, please contact us.

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