Order Your Christmas Take-Out Now

Enjoy more time with family and friends this holiday and order with us. This year we are offering four different tamales, ready-to-heat enchiladas, pozole, and chiles en nogada. 

All items are gluten-free and there are also several vegan and vegetarian options available:

  • Tamales: turkey mole, chicken verde, butternut squash mole (vegan), rajas con queso (vegetarian), $28 per dozen
  • Enchiladas: chicken mole, chicken verde, butternut squash mole (vegan without cheese), cheese verde, $20 per pan of 10
  • Pozole: pork and hominy in red chile broth with traditional accompaniments, $14.75 per quart
  • Chiles en Nogada poblano chiles stuffed with pork picadillo with almonds, dried fruit, spices, olives, and pickled chiles, served with walnut cream sauce and pomegranate seeds. Vegetarian butternut squash version also available, $7.50 each, minimum of four
  • Oaxacan-Flavored Rice Crispy Treats: rice crispy treats with orange and anise, $18 per dozen

HOW TO ORDER: Use our online online form or Email us at newsletter@mmmtacospdx.com.

ORDER BY: Friday, December 20th

PICKUP: Monday, December 23rd, Zapapizza, 503 West Burnside St, from 11am to 9pm. (Delivery and other pickup options available upon request.)

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Feel free to request other items such as chips, pints of guacamole, salsa, or sour cream, or other flavors of enchiladas or tamales here.