261smallCHORIZO CRUNCH “BURGER” special Thursday through Sunday this week, DINNER ONLY, both locations. Chorizo, cheese, tostada, guac, salsa, pickled onions, and lettuce all folded up in a tortilla so it can be eaten like a burger.

We would call it a wrap, but we wouldn’t want to get a cease and desist letter from a certain large corporation that rhymes with “Taco Hell.” ONLY $5 if you mention the special and say anything negative about the Portland Mercury.* Something simple, like “%$!@ the Merc” would work. 😉






* Why something negative about the Portland Mercury? Because two years ago we had one of the most popular offerings at ‪Burger Week‬ (the bacon-wrapped chile relleno burger) and yet weren’t even invited back the next year. After talking to the Merc and them apologizing over it, they once again didn’t invite us this year. We assumed they would at least invite us and this is what we were considering offering.